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Nord Crown Art Knives

Established in the year 2000 the art-knives studio was a branch of Kizlyar Knives Company, specialising in designing and creation of author art knives and custom art knives. Experience and skills acquired during these years turned the studio into a separate entity, known as the "Nord Crown". In 2007 North Crown (AKA Nord Crown) became fully independant from Kizlyar. As well as still making many of the old favourited, they are now designing many more types of knives, which are well sought after by collectors and hunters alike. The company’s staff includes members of the Artists Union of Russia, best graduates of Art-Industry Academy of Shtiglitz as well as master weapon-crafters of the highest qualification. North Crown knives have won numerous prestigious awards within Russian and abroad including an award in USA, Germany and Italy.  
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