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Hen & Rooster

Conceived and hand-made in about 1845, the Hen & Rooster® brand had a modest beginning as the notion of Carl Bertram. Mr. Bertram was a well known owner of a poultry business in Solingen, Germany where he began manufacturing his own line of cutlery. Because of his association with the poultry industry in the surrounding communities, Bertram adopted the now famous Hen & Rooster® logo to mark his brand in about 1865. The small cutlery manufacturing facility of old has produced what many consider to be some of the “Worlds Finest Cutlery Since 1845”. The Hen & Rooster® logo is synonymous with high grade cutlery and superior workmanship exemplified by each manufactured knife. Over two hundred hand operations go into the creation of these superior knives. Only pocket knives manufactured by master cutlers from Solingen, Germany devoted to the details of polishing, fit, and finish of each product, earn the right to bear the Hen & Rooster® logo.

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