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Brusletto & Co.'s history goes right back to 1896 when Rognald Brusletto started up as a knifesmith and scythe maker in Geilo. Forging of tools and knives was nothing new in Hallingdal. The history of mining for ore in Hardangervidda and manual production of sickles, scythes, axes and swords around Geilo had already started 1500 years before. Geilo became an established craft centre for the forging of tools for work and leisure early on. It was thus a very long tradition that the craftsman and industrial pioneer Rognald Brusletto entered. When he got his hand on the mechanical hammer from America, he designed and developed tools for using this in the production of sighs. The river running close to our factory today was an important tool for using this hammer. He then opened up the way to technical development and industrial production that would put its stamp on the industry and the local community for many generations.

Today Brusletto & Co AS produces veneer sport and camping knives. Our knives are an important tool whether you are hiking or hunting and fishing. The knives are designed and produced to be used. The shape of the handle and knifeblade differs, depending entirely on the need you, the user, want to meet, and not least what fits your hand best.

For the most part, we use curly birch for the handles and Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel for the blades of our knives. the steel is a high value stees which is treated, pressed and hardened to optimal hardness. A Brusletto knife will retain its sharpness for a long time and at the same time being relatively easy to re-sharpen when necessary.

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