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MERCURY, is one of the first cutleries founded in Maniago after the Second World War and it boasts over 60 years of tradition in the production of knives.

The actual MERCURY’s production extendes  in different market segments. Historically present in the selling section of “sport & outdoor cutlery” with a wide range of multi-purpose penknives. More than 30 years ago, MERCURY invented MICO” the “collecting mushroom knife” to fulfill the expectation of the mycologue passionates. Very soon “MICO”, which became very popular, had been imitated by many competitors.

In the German market Mercury is the protagonist with the “folding tasting knife” and the calssic “multi-purpose hunting knives”. In the diving knives branch, MERCURY was the first factory in italy to get the technology for the production of TITANIUM blades suppling with its products the European and Worlwide leader companies.

The factory is also well known as a manufacturer of blades for special industrial purposes upon customer’s design. In the household field MERCURY is activating a product policy targetted on the differentiation of its offer in creating new knife supports and different set compositions together with the addition of correlated new articles (see also “The celler”). Professional cutlery is also another important production branch. Furthermore, MERCURY supplies a precise and punctual “sharpening service” for all professionals needs.

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