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A & R Zlatoust

The company "A&R" effectively combines modern technology and manual labor of professional gunsmiths, artists, blacksmiths, the experience of craftsmen and the innovation of young personnel. High quality work knives at affordable prices have been able to win the trust of thousands of customers. Today, knives under the brand name “A&R” are known not only in all regions of Russia, but also in America, Australia, Europe, and the countries of the East. During the existence of the Company, more than 1 million A&R work knives have been produced. Original ideas of artists, high quality products and a unique style distinguish A&R products from all products of other Zlatoust weapons companies. Many well-known figures of sports, culture and politics have “A&R” products in the collection, including N. Nazarbayev, V. Tereshkova, N. Valuev, S. Zhurova, A. Rosenbaum, O. Mityaev and others. The company "A&R" is a regular participant in Russian and foreign specialized exhibitions. Our products have repeatedly become winners and winners of international exhibitions, glorifying the city of masters of Zlatoust. OUR FEATURES: We use 16 grades of steel: highly alloyed corrosion-resistant steels: 95Х18, 100Х13М, 40Х10С2М, 50Х14МФ, AUS-8, 110Х18М-ШД, ЭП766; Elmax (Sweden), RWL34 (Sweden), K340 (Austria), M390 (Austria); D2 (Germany); 65G; Damascus steel: Zladinox ZD-0803 and ZDI-1016, as well as Damasteel (Sweden) We work with 25 types of materials for knife handles: walnut, beech, Karelian birch, stabilized Karelian birch, hornbeam, type-setting leather, type-setting birch bark, cap birch, cap nut, cap maple, ebony (ebony or makassar), thuja, textolite, mikarta , G10, G10 carbon style, plexiglass, leg or roe deer (elk) horn, micropore, craton, carbon, quartoprene, Mercorne, cork, alutex We use 7 types of materials for finishing Zlatoust knives: textolite, brass, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium damask ZlaTi, Mokume gane We use rare materials, metals and precious woods, precious stones and Ural gems in the manufacture of copyrighted products: art damask, damask with meteorite iron, mosaic titanium damask, rhodium, tusk and stabilized mammoth bone, stingray skin, python skin, rhino horn, water buffalo horn, boxwood, blackwood, petrified wood, mother of pearl, pearl, amboyana tree root, bamboo, suvel, jade, serpentine, malachite, jasper, turquoise, agate, fluorite, lapis lazuli, charoite, pyrite, desert rose, cacholong, dolerite perunite, cubic zirconia, alpanite, citrine, spinel, pomegranate, corundum, amethyst, topaz, etc.
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