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Kizlyar Shashka SH-TKV-1 (Version 2)

Kizlyar Shashka SH-TKV-1 (Version 2)Kizlyar Shashka SH-TKV-1 (Version 2)
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Kizlyar Shashka SH-TKV-1 (Version 2)

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  • Manufactured by: Kizlyar Knives - Russia


The Shashka is one of the very few historic Cossack weapons that has survived the test of times and is still a part of a Russian Officer's official uniform. However, its role has changed over the years and it is now mainly used for official parades, demonstration and traditional martial arts training purposes. Kizlyar is the town in the province of Dagistan where the very first Shashkas of this type were originally produced. The town of Kizlyar has therefore been renowned for its swords for many centuries.

This particular model is a collectors version with pure silver fittings, blackened to give it a more vintage look. The Sword is 100% handmade and the blade is made from special purpose 50X14MF steel (55-56 HRC). The steel is a high carbon (0.5%) rust resistant (14% Chromium) type, which has undergone a special 3-step heat treatment process. During this type of heat treatment the steel is first heated to extreme temperatures and then cooled to temperatures well below -100 degrees salacious. And in the third stage it is heated again to a specific temperature and slow-cooled. This process improves the characteristics of the steel dramatically, whereby the blade can keep an exceptional edge and at the same time have a fair amount of flexibility to cater for any stresses that would otherwise simply fracture the blade. The blade comes fairly sharp from the factory and is battle ready "so to speak", it also features a triple grooved blade that runs along its full length to improve its lateral strength.

The real beauty of these Shashka cavalry swords is that the modern technology has allowed us to use much lighter, yet stronger steel for the blade. Meaning they are a lot easier to handle and more agile. The traditional Shashkas made from pure carbon steel could weigh anywhere up to 5 kgs. These modern beauties only weigh about 800 grams, meaning that they are a lot faster and easier to use. Furthermore the 50x14 MF is almost 100% rust resistant, meaning, far less time spent oiling and maintaining the blade.

The sword also features a full tang design and Resin & oil Impregnated Caucasian Walnut handle slabs. The scabbard is formed from wood and covered with soft genuine leather. These swords will make an excellent collectors piece and will only increase in value with time.

Total length: 970 mm (38")
Blade: 795 mm (31 1/4")
Blade thickness: 5.25 mm
Steel: GOST-50X14MF

Note: The sword demonstrated in the video shows the shape of the blade of the SH-TKV-1. The sword that we have in stock has nickel-silver decorations. 

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