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North Crown Knives - Alabai Damascus Steel, VFS Sharpened Edge

North Crown Knives - Alabai Damascus Steel, VFS Sharpened EdgeNorth Crown Knives - Alabai Damascus Steel, VFS Sharpened Edge
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North Crown Knives - Alabai Damascus Steel, VFS Sharpened Edge

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VFS Edge upgrade: 
This knife has had an edge upgrade by VFS custom sharpening services. The cutting edge has been re-profiled and hand resharpened to a ridiculously sharp mirror polished edge. The work was done with the use of Japanese water stones and the edge has been finished of with a 4600 grit stone (standard factory edge is about 1200 grit). 


This particular knife was named and is dedicated one of the most powerful and largest breeds of dogs native to Southern Europe (Countries like Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey). Historically Alabais were used as guard dogs, but more as shepherd dogs driving and protecting the ship from wolves. Over the course of history the breed was adopted by others to protect stock and now can be found all over Russia, Asia and middle east, where people still depend on dogs to protect the flock against wolves. 

The silver-work has been carved from solid chunks of pure Russian silver. Many hours have been spent by a specialized artist to give the Alabai on the its lifelike features. The final result is truly stunning. 

The blade of the knife is a classical spear-point design and features a false top edge, running almost the entire length of the blade. The blade has been manufactured from 6mm, hand forged Damascus steel and is razor sharp. 


Damascus steel has a long and mysterious history. Spawning many myths and legends about its apparently magical abilities (edge holding) and properties (flexibility and strength). Several years ago Kizlyar Knives started processing their own Damascus steel using age old forging and blacksmithing techniques to create a line of Damascus knives that are second to none.

This knife has been beautifully designed and made at the St Petersburg based Nord Crown factory, which specializes in custom made knives and have made some of the most exclusive and expensive knives for some very exclusive clients. They include Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, The King of Jordon and many other rich and famous people. 

Note:The Damascus steel used in Kizlyar Knives is not stainless like in characteristic due to its very high Carbon content, it will corrode if it is not cared for properly. We recommend that you keep the blade clean and oiled after use as you should with any carbon steel blade. 

Blade Thickness: 6mm

Blade Width: 35mm

Blade Length: 145mm

Knife Length: 295mm