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Kizlyar Phoenix-1C

Kizlyar Phoenix-1CKizlyar Phoenix-1C
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Kizlyar Phoenix-1C Kizlyar Phoenix-1C

Kizlyar Phoenix-1C

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  • Manufactured by: Kizlyar Knives - Russia


Back by popular demand we bring you the Civilian version of our infamous Phoenix-1 military combat knife. This version of the knife has been imported specifically due to overwhelming interest from boar hunters, who wanted something a bit classier looking than the standard black Phoenix.

Furthermore, we have modified the previous version of the Phoenix-1C a little based on the feedback that we received from hunters over the past couple of years. Firstly the handle is made a bit more fatter than the previous versions with the thicker 6mm tang. Secondly, the steel used in this knife is the Russian 65 x 15 high carbon rust resistant type. This means that it has .65 % carbon and 15 % chrome, therefore it is slightly harder and heavier than the standard military version. And finally the guards on this model are about 2mm longer on each side, and although that does not sound like much, it does make a world of difference.
The knives popularity was gained mainly due to it’s almost indestructible design and good balance. It is built like a T-34 tank, tough as nails. You can beat on this knife for forever and a day and know it will still function time and time again. The unique cross-section of the blade, the one-piece blade / tang construction and the strong handle / blade attachment are what equates to the success of this model knife. The final blade will have and almost unbreakable cross-section, similar to that of a steel “I” beam used in the construction industry.
Total length: 325 mm
Blade:  205 x 5mm
Handle: Caucasian walnut
Sheath: Black leather with single clip