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Kizlyar Bebut Short Sword - Double Edge

Kizlyar Bebut Short Sword - Double EdgeKizlyar Bebut Short Sword - Double Edge
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Kizlyar Bebut Short Sword - Double Edge

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  • Manufactured by: Kizlyar Knives - Russia


The Bebut takes its origins from the Moghul Empire (Mongols). A very similar weapon was carried by the Mongol soldiers and served a similar purpose as the Wakazashi did for the Samurai. It was a short sword, which in the battle served as a secondary weapon and off the battle field it was carried by the soldiers in places where taking the full size battle sword would be considered inappropriate.

As the Mongol empire expanded the weapon was adopted by others in the region. It especially became popular in the Persian Empire and from there worked its way down to the middle east and up to Turkey. The modern Bebut is one form of this adaptations. Influenced by the Arabic short swords (Qama) it was brought to Ukraine by the Turks (Tatars). Ukrainian Cossacks adopted the design, but added a couple of their own touches to it. They sharpened the spine, so the Bebut is double edged and also they gave the sword a more Cossack style sheath/scabbard to match the rest of their gear.rn Bebut has been ctured by e piece for any collector and martial arts enthusia

Total length: 600 mm (23 3/4 inches)

Blade length: 450 mm (17 3/4 inches)
Blade at Thickest Point: 5.2 mm
Blade steel: Russian 50X14MF high carbon
Sheath: Leather bound timber with solid brass fittings
Grinding: Flat ground
Handle material: Caucasian Walnut and Brass
Sheath: Wood inner, leather glove cover with solid Brass fittings

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