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EDI-T P-11 AAA 250 Lumen Spotlight Torch, 250 Meters Range

EDI-T P-11 AAA 250 Lumen Spotlight Torch, 250 Meters RangeEDI-T P-11 AAA 250 Lumen Spotlight Torch, 250 Meters Range
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EDI-T P-11 AAA 250 Lumen Spotlight Torch, 250 Meters Range

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 Please note: The P-11 is exactly the same torch as the P-17, P-18 and P-4. The only thing different is body shape and colour. All other performance parameters are identical in all torches

Focusable Ultra-Bright 250 LUMEN powerhouse

The P-11 250, is a very compact hand torch with a range of over 200m, which pretty much puts all its competitors in the shade (quite literally) . This little torch has been extensively filed tested both in Australia and overseas by hunters and military personnel. The feedback received nothing but praise from all. 
The torch is built on the same factory floors as many of the major brands, that charge well in excess of $100 for a similar item, yet this model is even more powerful than them at 250 LUMINS.

Brought to you by experienced outdoors people with hunting experience around the world, who searched for the ultimate walkaround light for years.  Finally, here it is.  Extensively field tested both in Australia and overseas this is a top quality light, built to last. Most important of all it comes at a fraction of the cost of the big brands even though the quality is superior compare to many of them.

This awesome spotlight/floodlight performance from the palm of your hand! A CREE Q5 250 Lumen LED powers this flashlight to make it the brightest single-LED AAA-powered light on the market. 
3 x AAA power means cheap and readily available batteries.  On the contrary many other flashlights may use expensive camera type batteries such as the CR123A and some even come with their own specific type battery, which is even more expensive and hard to find.  The P11-250 puts other walkaround tactical light options literally in the shade. It outperforms all currently available 3 x AAA powered and other popular motorcycle-battery powered headlamps, torches and spotlights.

With the ultra-fast and smooth pull-push Focus, these lights can be used for vermin destruction out beyond 200m with a scope. Extremely compact, and light, with a length of only 110mm and a diameter of 27mm.  The P11-250 can easily be mounted on a scope, barrel Or helmet for hands-free and fatigue-free illumination.

Suitable for:

  • Defence Personne 
  • Police Officers 
  • Security Personnel 
  • Hunters 
  • Farmers
  • Emergency Services Personnel
  • Cyclists
  • Vehicle
  • Home Use

Product Information

  • CNC-machined from Aerospace Grade Aluminium, Anodized Black
  • Switch - Constant on/ momentary on 
  • Waterproof/Weatherproof
  • Single button tailcap switch 
  • Weatherproof
  • Stretch focus
  • Weight 100g
  • Length 105mm
  • Width    27mm 
  • Light Source: High Intensity WHITE Power LED Cree Q5 250 Lumens
  • Light Output: 250 Lumen 
  • Power: 3 x AAA rechargable or primary batteries 
  • Quality Manufacture: ISO9001; CE; RoHS Certified.

What's included in the KIT:

  • 1 x P11-250 Adjustable spotlight torch complete*
  • 1 x Lanyard
  • 1 x Tactical Holster
  • *Batteries not included. 

Optional Extras available now: 

  • A range of high quality custom made Acetal Nylon mounts to fit Shotguns, Rifles and Compound bows
  • Barrel Mounts (steel two peice mounts)