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Kizlyar Alligator Z90 - Russian Spetsnaz Military Machete

Kizlyar Alligator Z90 - Russian Spetsnaz Military MacheteKizlyar Alligator Z90 - Russian Spetsnaz Military Machete
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Kizlyar Alligator Z90 - Russian Spetsnaz Military Machete

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  • Manufactured by: Kizlyar Knives - Russia


The Kayman is Kizlyar’s answer to the ever growing demand for a high quality Kizlyar Machete. Instead of manufacturing another cane-cutter type machete Kizlyar’s designers worked hard to manufacture a blade that can be used as a machete, but to also have other practical uses that a knife may have. And so was born the Kayman!

The Kayman can be seen as a compact machete at 405 mm (17 3/4") long, but when it comes to chopping, its heavy-ended design packs a big punch for its size. Furthermore, the 280 mm (11") blade is easy enough to maneuver for it to be used as a knife, and the long blade provides a good cutting edge. 
Soon after the Kayman was released, Kizlyar designers came up with  a military version of the Kayman, named the “Alligator” . As seen in the picture the “Alligator” is based on the original “Spetsnaz” machete, first introduced in the late 1950s. However it has been improved to meet Kizlyar standards.
Although the idea behind the original Spetsnaz machete was not bad, the final product was not very practical. It had a rather large square, very uncomfortable handle, it was too wide and the steel was not of the highest quality and very hard to sharpen.
The Kizlyar version still has a square chisel edge, which can be use as a shovel and and also for breaching window and door jams to aid force entry. Unlike the original 1950s machete, the alligator has a high quality steel used in the blade, has a ergonomic Micarta handle and is much stronger with a full tang design. The Kayman also comes equipped with a very high quality, custom fitted leather sheath that is both stylish and durable. 
Full Length: 405 mm
Blade: 265 x 51mm (at the head)
Blade Thickness: 5.5mm standard
Weight: 575 Grams (without sheath)
Steel: Z90WDCV French carbon high speen tool steel 60-52HRC (0.9% C., 4% Cr., 5% Mo, 6% W, 2% V, Mn 0.30%)
Handle: Brown Micarta
Sheath: Genuine full Leather (1 x Back Clip)