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Warthog Multi Edge 220mm Complete Sharpening Kit WHSME220

The Complete Kit The Multi Edge 220 is your one stop shop for producing razor sharp edge on your knives scissors and even chisels. The Multi Edge by Warthog Sharpeners from South Africa, is by far the best unit we have come across, but unlike other professional sharpeners, it comes at a great affordable price.  It must be noted that this device is not a gimmicky novelty gadget. This device was designed by engineers, who are also outdoor enthusiasts and understand the need for a good quality sharp edge. This unit and all its parts are made from high quality materials and designed to last. The unit comes with full instruction manual, so even if you have never sharpened a knife, you will not have any problems using it.  As far as versatility is concerned, this is the most versatile unit in the market. It can sharpen any knife from about 5 cm blade to massive 50 cm blades. There are also a number of accessories available for the unit, which would allow the user to use wet-stones and oil stones on the same unit, as well as a optional diamond file for sharpening serrated sections and gut-hooks.    The kit comes complete with the following: The Multi Edge Base unit 1 x 220 mm stainless steel 600 grit Diamond plate (made in South Africa). 1 x 220 mm high quality stropping leather for final polishing 1 x Conversion plate for sharpening Chisels All packaged and stored neatly in a ABS Plastic case.  Optional accessories that can be purchased separately include:  Serrated blade hone / file 1000 and 325 grit diamond plates extra leather strops Stone jig - 220 mm stone jig to cater for any stone up to 22cm in length.  Watch Video:

Price: $160.00