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J & V Adventure Knives

J&V Adventure knives is a relatively new brand of knives, which are entirely hand made in Spain. Although the primary knife maker of the company, Juan Martenis, has been making custom made knives under their own individual custom lable since 1985, the J&V brand itself is quite young and only started operation in the last couple of years. 

Knives manufactured by J&V are classed as handmade production knives, where all the work is done by hand except each model is manufactured in series and batches, hence in a production manner. J&V knives is a fairly neich brand, therefore their range of models is somewhat limited, but what they do make is finished to a very high standard and only the top steel grande and materials are used for the production of the knives. J&V Knives are great value for money, if you are a collector or looking for a serious outdoor knife that is not owned by every other hunter around. 

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Knife Specifications: Total Length: 315...

Price: $310.00
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This is a great midium size utility / h...

Price: $210.00

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Knife Specifications: Total Length: 315...

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This is a great midium size utility / h...