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Over twenty years ago Heimo wanted to make himself a knife. But no smith was willing to teach him the art of making a blade. So Heimo went to Steel itself to find the answer. Steel spoke to him then and told him its secrets. Only extensive trial and error reveals the true potential of unalloyed carbon steel. Many experts agree that it makes the best practical knives. Soon Heimo was making desired knives for his friends and the enterprise was established to secure his family´s income.

New Products For September - ITEMS by BRAND

H. Roselli R150 Big Leuku Finnish Hand Made Knife

Also known as the Leuku of Lapland, the...

H. Roselli RW755 Wootz UHC Cook's Hand-made Finnish Knife

Roselli Wootz UHC Chef's knife repr...

H. Roselli R120 Grandfather's Knife Hand-Made Finnish

Made from forged carbon steel, the blad...

H. Roselli R730 Chinese Butchers Cooks Meat Cleaver Knife

The 285mm High Carbon R730 Chinese Cook...

H.Roselli RD310P Damascus Carpenters Knife In Wooden Gift Box

Damascus Blade with heat-treated birch ...