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Linder Solingen

Linder Solingen is the premium label of Linder. The knives are handmade in Solingen, Germany. Due to their fine materials, their strict quality controls and their high processing Linder is one of the finest brands in Germany. Founded in the 19th century by Carl Linder in Solingen and entered in 1908 in the local trade register. In the early years the company produced only pocket knives. In the following years they expand their assortment with their famous hunting knives. In 1918 Carl Linder started to export his products. It was the start of a worldwide story of success. Carl Linder died in 1936 and the company was sold to Paul Rosenkaimer. In memory to the founder the company brand name is still “Carl Linder Nachfolger” (Nachfolger=successor). In During the Second World War most of the Linder workers were drafted to the army or they had to work in the arms industry. The factory was bombed in 1944 and the production was completely down for almost a decade. In 1949 Linder reopened the business and expand their assortment very quickly. Therefore the company had to move in a larger factory in Solingen a few years later. Since 1980 Stephan Rosenkaimer is in charge of the office and managed the operations. In 1985 Paul Rosenkaimer passed away and his son Siegfried followed him as the new proprietor of “Carl Linder Nachf.”
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