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PKS Bronze

In 1995, Johannes Stadler became aware of the ideas of Viktor and Walter Schauberger and started in collaboration with the association PKS ( Pythagoras - Kepler system according to Viktor and Walter Schauberger - " Society for the Promotion natural modern technology " ( ) and the blacksmith Franz Höfler with the production and distribution of a small edition of hand-made garden tools made ​​of solid copper alloy. In 2008 , after the retirement of Franz Höfler , the know -how of the production tools and forms were handed over to John Stadler and his team . Thus, it could ensure long-term quality assurance and further development of the " copper PKS gardening tools ". The company name PKS Bronze was introduced . Meanwhile, we offer 29 different garden tools. Their development has been and is through the proposals and suggestions of our customers through the sales via the Internet and supported by the ongoing reflection on sustainability and holistic thinking. VISIT WEBSITE
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