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The first appearance after unpacking is that this Knife is classic "handmade" as opposed to factory mass produced.
Blade is light enough for my wife to easily handle.
The most prominent thing I see is that the blade thickness is uniform over the entire width of blade, from cutting edge to the spine.
The advantage I see is that, as the decades of use and fine resharpening( Mine is black Arkansas oil stone), unlike other Knives were blades become thicker as time goes on, this will remain uniform for it's life (my estimate would be approx 100 yrs).I have had German ( softer steel) Stainless knives over 30yrs.
Resharpening may only be 3-6 times per year using fine stone.
The handle stands out against other knives, many times the price ! It is semi- rounded and fits really nicely in the hand. I feel people with mild arthritis would have no difficulty to use this.
Handle fits so nicely in the palm of the hand - other Knives I have used are more square, and hard to grip.
Above all, this Knife lends itself to customization. Price did not break the bank either!
Back to "basics" - no plastic, and beautiful high carbon steel.
Like most beautiful things (expensive cars etc) this knife needs a little care to stop rusting (no real problem).
Peter Lockwood 03/02/2019