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This was the first Kizlyar knife that I bought, the reason being that it seemed like Kizlyar's ultimate knife and that was exactly what I received. It was a time in my life where I was buying knife after knife and was being disappointed, then I discovered Kizlyar and read about the high quality of their knives. I thought If I could just find one knife that superseded all the rest I would be done and would not have to worry about having the best knife anymore. I am happy to say that is the case right now and I am extremely pleased to learn that the knife I have is the knife the Spetsnaz (Russian special forces) use with only a slight variation in the handle composition.

The only possible downside to this knife is its extreme length, but it would have to be either too small or too long and so Kizlyar chose to have all the advantages of having a long knife. If this is a serious problem for you I would advise still to buy this knife but to also have a look at the Strazh knife as it is a perfect accompaniment for this knife due to its small size.