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This is a brute of a knife, it came fairly sharp but a few strokes of the steel and it will shave the hair off your arm no problem. The blade on my knife came in at 232 mm long. the spine of the blade was a consistent 5.29 mm thick all the way to approximately 1inch from the tip of the blade. Were the thinnest part was 2.21 mm thick. The pommel could easily smash a side car window and has some real heft to it. Over all this knife would take a lot of punishment to damage, and I would say its near indestructible. I put some camouflage wrap around the handle for a little more grip, it looks cool and sticks to your hand in wet conditions.. In closing if you like your knifes big with thick steel and super sharp, this is the one for you.
Kym Mowat 26/10/2012